"We are writing to say a huge THANK YOU for everything!"

"Hi Alison and Derek, Maude has come so far over the past 5 weeks and she / we could not have done it without your help and guidance. We all learned so much. Maude was cautious at first but you are now two of her very favorite people and she adores class. We will miss you next week!! We hope to stay in touch (I know Maude would love that!) and we are also are really looking forward to Manners 2 — do keep us posted when the next one begins :)"

~Kelsey, Tom and Maude



“Alison has been instrumental in helping us with our toy poodle's separation anxiety…”

“She specializes in this subject and has clearly researched the behavior and how to help dogs.  She not only gave us a training plan, but was there for quick questions and hand holding along the way.  She really knows how to interact with doggies and tunes into their needs -- particularly when it comes to understanding complicated behavior.  She helped our toy poodle overcome his separation anxiety and when he regresses, we continually go to Alison for a session or quick tips / advice.  I recommend her to anyone who has a dog with separation anxiety.”

~Lauren, Jeff, George & Arty



“Alison Buehler is a phenomenal dog trainer…”

“When I took in my dog Edith (Edie), a 2-year-old husky mix, I had no idea that she had severe separation anxiety. She was also resource guarding and unpredictable with other dogs. If left alone, at all, even for a minute, Edie would have a full blown panic attack. She would pace, hyperventilate, soil her dog bed, bite her paws and howl endlessly. I was devastated, overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. I read articles, books, talked to other dog owners. I was trying everything. Then I hired Alison. She has in-depth training with separation anxiety. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her. Alison walked me through desensitizing Edie to my departure, working in small increments, never letting Edie get too stressed out. She guided me through endless separation trials. She taught me how to take Edie on BAT walks to build her confidence around other dogs. Alison would recap our sessions together in emails, so I knew what to continue to work on. Her focus on positive reinforcement worked wonders with Edie- and it worked wonders with me. Alison taught me to adjust to Edie’s needs and be patient as she progressed in her own way, at her own pace. Today, just 4 months later, I have a happy healthy dog. She is able to be alone for 5 hours at a time. She plays well with her dog pals, and her resource guarding has improved. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, and it is the best thing I have ever done. Witnessing Edie transform from an anxious, frightened dog into a happy, fun-loving creature is greatest gift I’ve ever been given. I have Alison to thank for Edie’s happiness.”

~Erin & Edie



“Alison recently helped our family with a brand new dog we rescued…”

He came full of issues, and he was a real handful! Alison was so thoughtful and patient, I asked myself all the time if she was helping the dog or ME! The way she teaches is in a very straight forward and non-confusing way, and she is so amazingly gentle. I was sad to see her go! Our dog is doing so well and we have Alison to thank! ”  

~Dari and Mr. P

Mr. P.jpg


“My experience working with Alison has been nothing but positive…”

When I needed to arrange for AKC Canine Good Citizen training for my Whippet, Isabelle I was thrilled to find out that Alison could do this training. She already had a wonderful rapport with both my dogs and Isabelle loved her!  During this training period, Alison was always professional, organized and thorough. She came to each session with a strategy and made every effort to keep it below the stress threshold for Isabelle, being sensitive to her reactions. She always followed up each session with a comprehensive e-mail outlining the progress and goals for the next session(s).  It is clear that she has an extensive knowledge of canine behavior, which has helped me to understand Isabelle, who has had some complex and often perplexing behavior issues. She displays patience and dedication to her work and has also made the training fun for Isabelle and me. Alison has a warm and ingratiating rapport with her clients and truly wants to provide a positive working environment to reach maximum results. I would recommend her for training without any hesitation.”  (Isabelle just passed the certification! We are all thrilled!)

~Patrice and Isabelle, CGC



“Alison is a great trainer. She is smart, patient and she loves dogs…”

My sweet little rescue, Axel has leash aggression and is dog reactive on our walks.  Alison worked with us and showed us how/when to treat before the trigger so that with time Axel will no longer react to a passing dog. It is a long and slow process but with Alison’s help and continued support, we are well on our way to reactive free walks.”   

~Donna and Axel



“She possesses an ability to create bonds not only with animals of the furry variety; but also with that most difficult animal of all, the human being…”

“I have known Alison Buehler for nearly 15 years, initially in a business capacity, (she used to work for me in a busy real estate office) and that relationship eventually grew to include a deep friendship. Alison is a rare and wonderful person. She is by nature warm, loving and accepting which gives whomever she comes in contact with the feeling they are cared for and special. Her genuinely warm nature is coupled with high intelligence, maturity and willingness to work steadfastly until a job is done to perfection. I was privileged to be able to bring my dog, Luna, to work with me when Alison was there.  Alison’s way with Luna was remarkable. Luna is the type of dog with only a few favorites outside the family, and Alison certainly tops the list. Watching a fairly cool, aloof Australian Cattle Dog throw herself at Alison, licking and wagging so hard she could barely stand was a regular spectacle at the office which brought a smile to everyone’s face. I have had dogs all my life. I mention Alison’s natural rapport with my dog because I believe dogs have a keen perception which lets them know when a person is genuine and when one is not. According to Luna (and all the other dogs I’ve since seen Alison relate to), Alison has “IT”! What Alison has is innate, something which cannot be learned in class. She has proven that if one has “IT” along with good training and passion for what one does, success is inevitable.    

~Nalani and Luna



“Then we met Ali. We believe she is a dog whisperer…”

“Our dog, Ellie, is an old dog with many health issues and a severe case of separation anxiety. Whenever we left Ellie alone for any amount of time, she would have terrible skin breakouts and her hair would fall out.

Then we met Ali. We believe Ali is a dog whisperer.

We’ve seen Ali have amazing non-verbal communication with our dog. Ali has worked with her on her whining, her jumping, and on her skill set, including sitting, staying, and laying down, all with positive reinforcement. Our life with Ellie has become more manageable because of Ali’s influence. We are so grateful for her skills as an animal lover, a trainer, and a compassionate human being.”  

 ~Kate, Julie and Ellie

Ellie Lights.jpg